Carlisle vs Mason

Alex Carlisle vs Steve Mason (Movimus)

After a brief power nap Movimus is back with another mesmerizing submission match with two beautiful wrestle-boys Alex and Steve. This is my first look at Carlisle, and I like what I see, especially his way with headlocks and scissorholds. Mason I saw and admired this past spring, against an opponent closer to him in size and experience. Mason's got spunk and a way of squirming out of tight spots like the ones Alex specializes in. However, Alex is bigger enough to pose an insurmountable challenge for Steve, whose view, for most of this 15-minute contest, is restricted to just Alex's electric-blue trunks. The match exercises all Movimus's strong points: lucid videography, slow-burn competition, negligible body cover, and, not least of all, two assertive guys who enjoy rough-and-tumble wrestling.


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