Barry Burke vs Lane Hartley and Kelly King, Double-Teamed (Wrestler4Hire)

When Barry mocks Lane's and Kelly's military vests, the challenge is on for a 20-minute two-on-one battle. Usually, such battles feature one big guy taking on two little guys. In this case, beefcake-king Barry takes on two big guys, one of whom is even bigger and heavier than he is. The semi-comical spots that follow are sometimes sloppy, but always fascinating, thanks to the chemistry these three tough guys share. Barry's physical strength and head for strategy make him more than four handfuls worth of danger. Lane and Kelly put their ox-like heads together, determined to destroy the bodybuilder, leading to some very hot holds. Not usually a fan of the two-on-one angle, I was sucked into this one almost from the start. Especially hot for me were the one-on-two spots, with Big Barry controlling two strong bodies at once.  This is the most gripping three-way match I've seen in a while.


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