Joey King vs Scrappy, Mat Wars 74 (Thunder's Arena)

In his first Thunder's match outside the squared circle, smilin' Joey King shows that he doesn't need ropes and turnbuckles to make life miserable for hapless Scrappy, the young Kentucky rookie who might well be rethinking his decision to join the Arena roster. Joey basically hand-delivers potential hope spots to Scrappy throughout the mostly one-sided match, possibly craving some semblance of an even fight, possibly seeking only to further humiliate the kid, but within seconds Scrappy finds himself chin deep in pain again. The brawny and hairy-chested pro can't help but dominate. He's especially fine at ring-inspired holds like side headlocks, bear hugs, Boston crabs, and several holds I don't know what to call. I've got to hand it to the aptly named Scrappy, though: he's ready to go toe to toe with any other wrestler, regardless of size, strength, or experience. I imagine he thinks that's the only way to learn the game, and Joey has a fun time teaching him lesson upon agonizing lesson.


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