Nero Angelo vs Rico, #492 (UCW)

Newcomer Rico gets the deluxe treatment from touchy-heely Nero in this surprisingly give-and-take debut match from UCW. The lively youngster puts up a bigger fight than I expected, making him a perfect draw for fans (and heels) who like their babyfaces spirited and aggressive. Nero seems to appreciate the new kid's spunk, even if that means hitting a few speed bumps on the road to total rookie domination. In fact, as often as he looks imperiled, Rico plays the game like he's been at UCW already for years, so generous is he in dishing up and enduring the pain that keeps the company's pockets full of coin. A first appearance this successful suggests Rico may be in the fast lane to even bigger and better things in the future. He matches Nero sweat for sweat all the way to the final gasped and barely conscious "I submit."


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