Pascal Spalter vs Pete Bouncer, GWF Courage, Episode 2, 7 October 2016 (German Wrestling Federation)

I'm spending Christmas in Berlin this year. That's the plan, anyway. I've already spent my summer-school pay for tickets to a couple of operas on Christmas Day and the day after (La Bohème and Aida) and a couple of edgier concerts earlier (Against Me! and something else at a super trendy nightclub the doorman won't let me in unless I have a ticket for something, and I just have to get into this club). I looked for wrestling shows that fit my timeframe, but it looks like the last 2016 wrestling show in Berlin is about two weeks before I arrive. So much for my bucket list item of seeing a wrestling show in a language I don't understand.

And so much for getting to see six-foot-three Pete Bouncer up close. I can't believe it's been four years since I first blogged on Bouncer and over two years since I last mentioned him. Time flies--trust me, kids, it zooms! Pete's still in excellent shape, having packed on some extra muscle, yet not too much. He's still letting Spalter push him around, though. Bouncer gets in some close counts in this incredibly brief match, but Spalter is a tank (6'3" and 310#). Brave Bouncer gets a Berlin version of a Tiananmen Square moment, and that's just about it.


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