Sunday, October 9, 2016

Steel / Bolt

Bolt vs Steel, Rough & Ready 85 (Thunder's Arena)

R&R85 contains some of the most seductive simulations of wrestling I've seen at Thunder's Arena. Bolt at 5'7", 150#, holds his own against 5'9", 200# Steel in what would be the underdog position if it weren't for his resilience and tactical knowhow. I was first drawn to buy this match for the still pictures--Steel is such a beauty! not to suggest that Bolt is not, but Steel is altogether another story. At the beginning I was impressed with the spiritedness of the action, pure gold rough-and-tumble grappling. About midpoint, the wrestlers take turns demonstrating pro-style holds, most spectacularly in a trade-off of bear hug for bear hug. Despite the tendency to overemphasize tit-for-tat symmetry, I found the give and take convincing and could not predict the winner in what is my new favorite match to feature either athlete.

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