Sun vs Cruz

Leo Sun vs Asa Cruz (Movimus)

Lovers of strong-bodied youth tangled in the act of authentic wrestling competition should thank their (our) lucky stars for Movimus Wrestling. In this outstanding recent release Leo Sun (in blue) returns to the mat to face Asa Cruz (in yellow). These two are closely matched in size, strength, and determination, and the three-fall contest consists of too many scissorholds to count, both sets of steel-muscled haunches battle ready. Cruz maintains his position on top of Sun for much of the 15-minute battle, but, unfortunately for Asa, Leo can and does exert devastating force even from the bottom position. The Asian asskicker "lets" Cruz ride him for three or four minutes (pretty much without interruption) before notching up the first submission with a sudden wrist-snapping armlock. Every bit of this is captured in deep-hued 4K ultra-detail camerawork that deserves some kind of award, especially toward the end as the camera swirls around the tightly clenched bodies in a dizzying, showoff-y tarantella that pulls the viewer into the fighters' heated struggle.


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