Traditionally Rough

I don't often play this game, but ask me what character in what time period I'd most like to be and today's answer would be Hans Schmidt in Chicago in 1953. I don't know exactly what it is, but these old matches bone me up. The commentator in this contest speaks of Schmidt and Orton as "traditionally rough and uninhibited in their tactics," and I would have to say that that pretty much sums up my libido. Neither man was a looker by standards of male beauty then or now, but in action their volatility and resolve transcend any Mister Universe for sex appeal. Miraculously, these old roughnecks lived longer and had longer ring careers than many of the hot shots of the Attitude Era. Six-four and 251 pounds, Schmidt (in black) lived 87 years and wrestled for 26 of them. Orton, his opponent (6'2", 245#), lived 76 years, wrestling for 49 of them*.

Bob Orton vs Hans Schmidt, Wrestling from Chicago, 28 August 1953 (Chicago Wrestling)

* Goldberg's career lasted 9 years, including his recent comebacks. So far The Rock's ring career, split in half for the sake of Hollywood, has lasted 13 years. Steve Austin's ring career lasted 14 years; Kurt Angle's, 18 years so far; and Eddie Guerrero's, just 18. Bret Hart's  and Chris Benoit's, 22 years. Triple H's and Kane's (so far), 24 years. Mick Foley's, 26 years; ditto, Chris Jericho's, so far. Vader's, 31 years so far. The Undertaker's, 32 years so far. Hulk Holgan's, 36 years.


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