Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Jeetu in White

Akash Yadav vs Jeetu Pahalwan, November 2012 (?)

There's something elemental about folkstyle wrestling. The gathered throng surrounding the clay pit under a stretch of sky, one man against one man at the center. I like the natural roughness of the sport, not played up like pro wrestling, not brutal like MMA, but tougher than collegiate wrestling.

Though governed by rules and discipline, Indian wrestling (kushti) resembles the unaffected roughhouse of boys or bear cubs. Gay or straight, I think I would have liked this sport. The long stretches of gridlock may bore some fans (those accustomed to TV wrestling especially), but for me it's a mark of the event's authenticity.

A month ago I shared some GIFs of Jeetu in action. Here he is against Akash Yadav about a year later. I like the way Akash tosses a clod of clay at Jeetu in the last GIF. Throwing clay on oneself and one's opponent is a gesture of blessing. (In the top GIF, Jeetu blesses himself as he enters the dirt pit.) See the earlier post for links to other, more knowledgeable sources on Jeetu and kushti.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Free for All

Donnie "Brax" Braxton vs Kevin Harris, NHB-Battle / Movimus

Continuing the celebration of its fourth anniversary, Movimus has added a new match viewable for free  through tomorrow, Wednesday, November 30. It's a 2010 dead heat between two personal favorites from the NHB-Battle days: Brax in red (5'11", 172#) and Kevin in blue (6'1", 188#). And it's one I hadn't seen before.

A must-see for fans of good, sweaty submission wrestling with plenty of heavy breathing, Braxton vs Harris is a steady 29-minute give and take between two strong but contrasting athletes: coolheaded Brax and the more excitable Kevin. These are two highly competitive young men who commit totally, mind and body, to the battle. The going gets a little rough now and then. In the heat of competition, Harris accidentally chokes Brax, who's seemingly imperturbable and damn near unbeatable. No harm done, and the pair doggedly moves on, neck and neck. Six falls in all.

You can't get any cheaper than free, and Movimus is sharing one of its best here. Don't you dare miss it.

Happy Anniversary, Movimus!

Monday, November 28, 2016

Bloody Brits

Powerhouse wrestling lives in the UK. This six-man elimination match from Taunton, Somerset, gives us six samples of British brawn in one ring with no disqualifications. The heaving muscle is set on one objective: the PWP heavyweight title.

Chris Andrews and Eddie Ryan are longtime favorites of mine, more than "favorites" really, "passions." Now they are more stunning than ever. Hairy-chested, 6'3", 238# BRAM, Ric Flair's ex-son-in-law, is back in the UK and proves himself the man to beat in this match. He's relatively new to me. I've heard the name and seen pictures, but until now I never saw him in action. He makes an indelible impression.

My focus narrows on these three contenders because I think they are not only hot but also epically rugged. Yet there's much more to this brawl than these ten GIFs can capture. PWP's YouTube video joins the October 30th match already in progress with one of the six contenders already eliminated. The pace is breathtaking, and the spots interlock to create a sustained and coherent narrative that's gripping and full of surprises.

BRAM vs Doug Williams vs Chris Andrews vs John Harding vs James Baker vs Eddie Ryan, Every Rose Has It's [sic] Thorns (Pro Wrestling Pride)

Chris and BRAM's caveman action out of the ring (03:10) caught my attention first.

BRAM takes Chris's toy away from him and lets him have it (03:29)

Here's where I came up with the title (03:57).

In the ring, a staggered Eddie, the current champ, gets caught in Doug's clutches (04:12).

Chris steps up and takes care of Doug for Eddie (04:30). One less man to worry about.

But BRAM has unfinished business with Chris (05:04).

Eddie and Chris take turns at the herculean BRAM (05:41).

After almost three minutes of fun and games, BRAM takes out the champ (08:21).

Chris and BRAM are the last men standing (09:10).

So they slug it out (09:21).

Sunday, November 27, 2016


Austin Tyler vs Quinn Harper, #501 (UCW)

Can UCW's new hire Austin Tyler live up to the hype? The hype is, and I quote UCW's Facebook page, "Quinn needs his ass kicked and Austin is the one to do it!" I'm here to tell you Austin is the real fucking deal, as eccentric and as cocky as anyone the company has ever signed to its roster, as eccentric and as cocky as Quinn himself. In fact, Quinn Harper hasn't faced this big and scary  a challenge since his clash with the equally eccentric and cocky Eli Black over three years ago. And only Quinn has been as big a game-changer in his debut match as Austin is in video #501.

First, my congratulations to UCW, a company that has itself been a game-changer and risk-taker in the online wrestling scene, always willing to experiment and unwilling to copycat the tried-and-true formulae of its competitors. Among the many other good things about UCW is its capacity to surprise its diehard fans, among whom I proudly count myself. Few internet wrestling sites provide matches as volatile as this one, which wildly swings in favor of Austin then Quinn in spot after furious spot. And the ass-kickings fly in both directions, and amply, in this 29-minute stunner.

Tyler's pro experience is a factor. He comes on like gangbusters from the get-go and has Harper sweating bullets within minutes. If anyone on the roster could contain and control Austin, it would be Quinn, a terror and a wild card in his own right. I'm telling you Quinn has to work his ass off just to keep pace with this guy. And not to spoil the ending for anybody, I'll say just this: the loser of this brawl does not go down easy--and he goes down with a blitzkrieg punch to the balls and a sudden (!), clean (?) three-count pin--and even the victor will feel the aftereffects of this head-on collision well into 2017!

Friday, November 25, 2016

Former Friends and Tag-Team Partners

I'm drawn to breakup matches. The team of Zenk and Pillman commanded a few of my fantasies circa 1990, but what I craved was for the two to wrestle each other. When the tag-team champions split, I got what I wanted. I root for both men equally, good and bad, but I want a clear and definite win--one man victorious, the other vanquished--but this battle ends in a draw, the 10-minute time limit expired.

The opening sorties point up the evenness in strength and scientific skill, like mirror images. They can't make a hold stick for more than half a second. Brian professes not to want this fight, but Tom wants it hard. This touch of asymmetry gives the match its punch, and when, midway through,  Zenk tosses Pillman out of the ring, Pillman responds with the fire the crowd and I have been waiting for. He carries that passion back into the ring, where the fight accelerates, turning edgy and dirty. As it turns out, the battle has a clear and definite winner here, just not officially.

Tom Zenk vs Brian Pillman, WCW Power Hour, 10 October 1992 (World Championship Wrestling)

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Deals and Heels

Happy Thanksgiving, Americans, and I mean that with sincerity even if not with optimism for the nation. Of course, it's an American holiday so there must be sales, and though I usually resist using Ringside at Skull Island for commerce, I want wrestling promoters to thrive. So here goes ...

I mentioned Movimus's blockbuster celebration of its fourth anniversary on Tuesday's post. There's more for wrestling kinksters on budgets.

Rock Hard Wrestling's Black Friday sale, already underway, lasts through Monday, promising 30% off all downloads, all catalogs. That means $13.26 each for standard definition video, $15.26 each for high (regularly $18.95 and $21.95 each). SAVE30 is the discount code.

Krushco offers 15% off video downloads and memberships through Monday. Use the code KRUSHTHANKS.

Thunder's Arena is sponsoring a special Thanksgiving Day event, releasing five new wrestling matches exclusively for invited guests and with extremely limited availability. Sale prices apply to these videos, which will altogether disappear at midnight, so thankful invitees must act speedily. The chosen will be informed by email.

BG East delivers 50% savings to members of The Arena @BGEast on videos on demand (VODs) purchased with Arena tokens now through midnight, November 28th. Tagged videos include matches from Britbouts 5, Demolition 21, Gazebo Grapplers 5, Matmen 5, and Undagear 26.

UCW appears to be saving its sale for CyberMonday (November 28th). No details available as I write this post.


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