Dolf vs Marco, Vegas Battles 06 (Thunder's Arena)

It's probably too soon to say I'm in love with Dolf, whom Marco initiates in Vegas Battles 06, but he definitely quickened my pulse this weekend. The new guy fulfills the archetype of he-manliness I had when I was fourteen, synthesizing bits of '60s male starlets James Caan, Kirk Morris, Van Williams, and Nick Adams. He's a body builder ... and he wrestles!

If the Arena's match description can be trusted, Marco found Dolf out and about in Vegas and brought him back to his hotel room for some late night muscle posing. The first five minutes of this 23-minute video is posing, not usually my thing, but I'm so starstruck I don't mind this time. No small part of my excitement is that Dolf is a good match for Marco in size, muscle, looks, and confidence.

The payoff for me is that Dolf wants to bearhug Marco, which he performs devastatingly for almost a full two minutes, long enough to offset the biceps porn and prove Dolf's muscles are not just for show. When Dolf first suggests a match, a disbelieving Marco asks, "Do you know how to wrestle?" Dolf is insulted: "'Do I know how to wrestle.'" After the prolonged hug, Marco's winded, his kneecaps turned to jelly. Pretty clearly Dolf knows some wrestling.

Marco serves up some tight hugs too, and we get some other favorites of mine: side headlocks and stiff between-the-thighs arm locks. Dolf steals my heart when he starts detailing his punishment of Marco with some closeup finger work. Please tell me there will be more of Dolf in future Thunder's Arena matches. He's too good to be a one-shot deal. He needs to face Marco again in the squared circle next time--and expand to challengers like Steel and Beast.


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