Force of Nature

Kid Karisma vs Mister E *, Demolition 21 (BG East)

For far too long Kid Karisma's ass has garnered more attention than his wrestling, which is, by any measure, off the hook. Kid K is a dynamo who transforms wrestling moves and ring psychology into the stuff myths and legends are made of. He's a magician of shifting attitudes, quick wits, instinctual strategy, and relentless destructiveness. With his increasing experience and power, he's more than ready for BG East's Demolition series. From the opening shot, his leather vest and red, black, and white underwear are as iconic as his toughness and fieriness. A fitter, hardier, or more unconventional wrestler has yet to appear at BG East. His tenacity and boundless narcissism mark him as a true force of nature that any sensible wrestler would hesitate to face.

His opponent in the main event is the mysterious Mister E. Even if we hadn't a clue what the Demolition series is about, we'd spot E for a goner on first sight, slouching silently outside the ropes, gazing up at the mouthy, strutting figure of Kid K, dazzling in his confidence and bodily definition. It's not really E's fault. Hardly anyone looks like an opponent Karisma would need to worry about. At first, Karisma doesn't even let him into the ring, leaping over the ropes and smashing E's head through the wall (you read that right: "through the wall"). In seconds, E is sprawled on the floor, only half conscious, and K is huffing and puffing and flapping his sexy vest in the center of the ring, enraged that now he's going to have to explain the hole in the wall to the Boss. He pulls the vest off and testily whips it across E's back.

As Mister E crawls through the ropes, Karisma plays the classic heel card, kicking the rope so that it smacks up against the jobber's crotch. E tumbles to the mat, cupping his hands over his balls, shrinking into a fetal position. Karisma owns not a shred of conscience. "Come in here and fucking destroy the wall, huh? I'll fucking destroy you, you idiot," he taunts his prey while striking muscle poses. "I'm sure the Boss will like the fucking whupping I'm about to put on you." And he gets right to business, planting his white boot on his fallen opponent's crotch, smashing whatever's left of the poor guy's shrinking manhood. And this is just the beginning. We're barely two minutes into the video, a video that we just dare you to draw your eyes from for even a millisecond.

Kid Karisma piles on his opponent like he's fifty men, instead of only one. He lifts and violently slams Mister E to the mat, then effortlessly segues to a full boston crab hold. Who else transitions from spot to spot this smoothly and with this much flair? From that position, he moves to his trademark bully move (or we should say one of his many trademark bully moves): a schoolboy pin with K's steely thighs framing E's head, his finely-outlined cock jutting menacingly towards E's mouth. Nobody makes macho aggression and domination any hotter than BG East's Karisma ... when he's not even trying. Veering from near castration to virtual castration as he threatens to tear away E's mask, Karisma is a nonstop demolition man, working his man at breakneck speeds, thrilled to have total, utter control over his whimpering and now faceless victim. There is nary a dull moment in this 28-minute thrill ride, culminating in a sweaty knockout finish. No luck for Mister E! But with views of Karisma's muscle and musclebutt in such action, fans will lick this up!

* I have copied this text word for word from the BG East Catalog 115.2. In my defense, I wrote the original text, and I'm currently grading freshmen compositions, which severely limits my time for writing new stuff for the blog. The photos are from The Arena


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