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Donnie "Brax" Braxton vs Kevin Harris, NHB-Battle / Movimus

Continuing the celebration of its fourth anniversary, Movimus has added a new match viewable for free  through tomorrow, Wednesday, November 30. It's a 2010 dead heat between two personal favorites from the NHB-Battle days: Brax in red (5'11", 172#) and Kevin in blue (6'1", 188#). And it's one I hadn't seen before.

A must-see for fans of good, sweaty submission wrestling with plenty of heavy breathing, Braxton vs Harris is a steady 29-minute give and take between two strong but contrasting athletes: coolheaded Brax and the more excitable Kevin. These are two highly competitive young men who commit totally, mind and body, to the battle. The going gets a little rough now and then. In the heat of competition, Harris accidentally chokes Brax, who's seemingly imperturbable and damn near unbeatable. No harm done, and the pair doggedly moves on, neck and neck. Six falls in all.

You can't get any cheaper than free, and Movimus is sharing one of its best here. Don't you dare miss it.

Happy Anniversary, Movimus!


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