Perez vs Simpson

Al Perez vs Steve Simpson, 28 August 1987 (WCCW)

How did I miss this video My Wrestling Obsession posted last month? MWO is only my favorite 80s-90s wrestling channel on YouTube, and Perez (27, 6'1", 238#) and Simpson (23, 5'11", 234#)  going toe to toe should have set off my aggro-hunk detector. In '97, Perez was embroiled in a feud with Kevin Von Erich, Simpson's pal and ally against the Fabulous Freebirds. Simpson steps into the line of fire in an attempt to take out an obstacle in the Von Erichs' pathway to glory. It's a short but even match between bad guy and good guy, thrilling to the end.  It ends in a disqualification, but as DQs go, this one is nothing to complain about, as Perez heaves Simpson up in the air and throws him out of the ring like yesterday's garbage. The video earns bonus points for its cutaway shots to Steve's brother Shaun at ringside.


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