Scissors and Rock

Scissorboy Alex vs Justin (Fightroom)

The battle in question is about midway down Fightroom's Matches page, which, for reasons unknown to me, does not hype its most recent videos at the top of the page. Fightroom is the UK promotion I went gaga over this past summer after Neil, good friend to this blog, alerted me to its existence. Stylistically, the promotion positions itself somewhere between Movimus and Wrestlers-and-Lutteurs, with an emphasis on real competition and real wrestling. Now Fightroom has dropped a highly anticipated new download, featuring feisty Scissorboy against new meat Justin.

The fighters are just similar enough in appearance and gear to be almost indistinguishable when they're tangled up in each other's arms and legs. Alex is the guy with the tattoo semi-circling his right upper arm. Justin is the guy with muscles on top of muscles. Despite some surface similarities, their wrestling styles are different. As his epithet suggests, Alex is the king of scissorholds at Fightroom, a tactic he puts to good use against Justin, whose boulder-like body is a veritable weapon. So we have a familiar but always fascinating faceoff between strategy and brawn.

Repeatedly, Alex clamps on to his opponent with viselike doggedness. The force of his scissors and armbars is often so intense that Justin's bulgy muscle is helpless against it. For his part, Justin may be new, but he is no pushover, and in at least one key moment, he shows Scissorboy that his massive thighs are capable of stopping an opponent dead in his tracks.

More than anything (anything) I love good wrestling, and Fightroom specializes in the pure, undiluted product, etching out its dramas in the throes of actual competition and its attendant pains and ecstasies. Wrestling is the quintessence of male sexuality. These lads are awesome at it. I hope I won't have to wait four more months to see another Fightroom video, and the sooner I get to see Alex and Justin take on Josh and Tomas, the better!


  1. This looks excellent. But are there no no Images of Jusrn putting the hurt on Alex? Some balance would be nice.

  2. Hi, glad you are still enjoying fightroom :) If I may make a new suggestion id suggest checking out Cameron Mathews vs Young Ady in mud from westler4hire (Camerons own site) and also the latest Spotland Scrappers submission match with Young Ady and friend

    1. Thanks for the tip, Lazy2Lean! These are now on my to-do list.


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