Garza Jr. vs Johnny Mundo, Héroes Inmortales X (Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide)

Garza Jr. (5'11", 211#) has caught my eye previously, but I have neglected him on this blog until now. You can thank reader and frequent commenter Dale, who, in a comment on Monday's post, linked me to this match and dubbed his "the prettiest butt in Mexico."

Taking on Johnny Mundo (6'1", 211#) and Mundo's constantly meddling valet, Taya, in this October 2016 championship match, Garza gives ample reason to side with Dale. (Still, I would like to check out a lot more Mexican butts before making a final judgment.)

This is not the sort of grunt-and-groan wrestling I generally prefer, but don't expect me to complain when such well-matched and well-muscled bodies like Garza's and Johnny's are sweating in the ring together. High-flying lucha libre has charms all its own--the crowd's enthusiasm, the mythic elements of the spectacle--and Garza's ass and volatile temper can now be named among them.


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