The Hunger

Axel vs Nero Angelo, #497 (UCW)

I'll say this much about the last two minutes of this year's Halloween video from UCW: people will be talking about it. I won't, but people will ... and should.

This year the company pumped up the production design of the annual treat. We get fog, atmospheric lighting, eerily glowing skulls, creepy electronic music, and two of UCW's star performers, Axel and Nero.

Nero is outfitted in Asian martial arts gi and belt, and Axel's in boxing trunks and gloves, and I'm not giving too much away when I say that the men shed their gear, most of it, two-thirds of the way through. Nero has stipulated some unusual stakes for the contest: if Axel wins, the two-time champ gets whatever he wants, but if Nero wins, he gets Axel ... as a "Halloween treat."

The video runs just over 36 minutes, so there's no scrimping on the fight action, which fulfills its promise of being a heavily heated give and take. I'd say the two fighters weigh in pretty close to each other, with no more than seven or so pounds difference. Nero, being shorter, is packed more solidly. Punches get thrown, chokes applied, balls crushed, bellies plowed and clawed, bare asses bitten, and sweaty gear sniffed. The usual UCW fare, but overlaid with hints of erotic menace, and Axel and Nero deliver it with all the skill and heart we would expect of them. It's a fine match, photographed in sharp definition with plenty of close-ups of agonized grimacing.

If you haven't already seen it, the Halloween thrills will come too late, but the action is top notch and nonstop, well worth the viewing, especially for fans of these wrestlers ... and then there's the last two minutes, too.


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