The Mexican Adonis

Enrique Torres vs Ted Christy, 28 December 1950, Long Beach, California

I'm not swearing off the new-fangled stuff, but I'll admit the thought has once or twice crossed my mind. I find the pre-WWF roughneck wriggling and scuffling too big of a draw, and I do need something reliable now more than ever. I'm sick of the horror-clown show of American media, politics, advertising, and sport, and crave the salty must of authenticity of so-called golden-era wrestling--those were foul and ignorant days, too, make no mistake about it, but the old TV matches have a crusty poetry to them, rough edges and all. This match features Mexican luchador Torres teaching a hard-way lesson in manners to local gringo Christy (with the Shemp Howard haircut).

Big thanks to for buying these antique films and making them available online and on DVD.


  1. So right about the Golden Era. I've always felt now its more a matter of how high you can jump from the top rope is more important than a sense of danger with combat. But there's so little video if any. Paul Diamond for example. The original one from the 60's. Made a career with how handsome he was but absolutely zero footage. And I was once reading about a current guy and they wrote "he's probably the most handsome wrestler since Hungarian Kalman Gaston" and I had to do a Google - very popular in the 60's in the UK and he was just a guy who was always paired with the most popular brutes of the day but alas no video. There is very good UK classic wrestling site with three pages dedicated to him, fortunately. Here he is against the premiere bad guy of the time

    1. Thanks, Mark. You've contributed some items to my must-see list.


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