Whip and Strip

Nero Angelo vs Axel vs Chase Michaels, #500 (UCW)

Here are the rules. First man who get's stripped naked loses. The man who strips him wins. Three of UCW's most popular wrestlers are in the fight space, overdressed at first. But as the nearly 35-minute match progresses, we're treated to more and more skin. This is one of those setups that's probably more fun to do than watch, like bowling, but tight camerawork and three tirelessly inventive warriors exemplify what UCW is all about: rough-style pileups with traces of sexual innuendo interspersed.

Nero, the best built of the three, keeps things sexy. Axel keeps things fair and square, or tries to. Handsome but devious Chase keeps things nasty enough to (I would bet) quadruple his fan base by match's finish. At least one of these guys is naked as a jaybird at the end, though don't expect anything R-rated here: a shot of ass and a little imagination go a long way, though.


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