Cole / Black

Derrick Cole vs Eli Black, #506 (UCW)

Eli wants his belt back, so he tips guest referee Tyson twenty bucks to make sure he wins against current champ Derrick. This is Cole and Black's second run-in (their first was the summer's awesome three-way with Quinn Harper), their first singles match, Cole's first major defense. Tyson might have other motives for wanting an upset, since it was a year ago that Cole debuted against him and made him look like a chump in front of the fans and pretty much eliminated him as a serious contender for the title (back when Axel still held it).

As I write this, it's 28 degrees F in Philadelphia, so evidently this pool match was shot some months ago. Both guys are fired up in a bullies-after-school sort of way, Eli insisting that the belt still belongs to him. "What are you, a featherweight?" Derrick asks contemptuously. Never slow on a comeback, Eli asks, "What are you, a fat-ass-weight?" Setting this match in a "kiddie pool," UCW ensures that skin will be slick and shiny from the get-go. Derrick probably doesn't do himself any favors by insulting the ref, telling Tyson he knows "you people" don't swim. Then he turns to the camera, speaking of himself in third person, saying, "Don't worry. Derrick Cole's not a racist. He just calls it like he sees it." (Yeah, right, because racism doesn't exist in the 21st century.)

The fight goes back and forth between these two bad boys. Lots of splashing and drama, but the pool limits the kinds of holds these guys can use against each other, so the action spills out onto the lawn from time to time. It's great seeing these two square off against each other, but it's not either heel's most captivating performance as wrestlers. Still it's hard to ignore the chemistry between these two extraordinary heels. Happily, based on the outcome, I'm pretty sure these guys will rematch in the fight room, hopefully soon.


  1. Since the three heals squared off (black, harper and cole), I've anticipated a one on one with these two. while i agree, the venue did not allow the type of match needed for a title shot, i enjoyed the encounter. Kiddie pool! Cole brought his trash talk and as usual was very aggressive. i must agree with cole, that eli is a feather weight at best. my favorite moment was when he had black in a bear hug and flexed a bicep pose. none the less, black brought it as well, dishing up punishment on his opponent. overall, good match. i look forward to future encounters and perhaps a one on one between harper and cole.

  2. TablettesdeChocolat here. I can't Comment with my username here or at BoW. No Notify Me either.

    Cole is hot!

  3. I think this match was terrific, but agree that it was not the epic they deserve to have. First, while a wet Eli & Derrick are sexy, water is no substitute for sweat to show off both the skin and the man. Second, the gimmick of the water takes away from the reality (or perceived reality) of the fight. Even when suffering, it still seems somewhat unthreatening and playful. The loser's submission didn't have the air of pain and despair that can be created on a mat. I really did like the match, but I am hoping for an on-the-mat rematch sometime soon. Also, I think Eli has yet to face Tyson. That could be a spectacular fight as well.


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