French-Style Grits

Tristan Archer vs Brian Mc Carthy, FFCP Tournee Nationale Des Gladiateurs (Fédération Française de Catch Professionnel)

I don't usually think of bruiser battles as French. I mainly associate them with the USA, of course, specifically the Deep South. In this February 2016 match, Tristan and Brian pull this one off like a couple of Tennessee boys, slugging, kicking, stomping, everything but scratching. Rage and heaving sweaty brawn give the proceedings the feel of redneck gravitas, and it's better than nine-tenths of what I see anywhere else, including the Deep South. I always suspected Tristan had this sort of thing in him, and Brian is a perfect adversary in build and orneriness.

In fact, Mc Carthy (the way he styles his name on his Facebook page) almost steals the show. His build and butch haircut, not to mention his flashbulb Irish whiteness, caught my eye right away. He's perfect for Archer. His Steven Walters vibe is what put me in mind of Southern wrestling in the first place. For me the last half bogs down a little, as the wrestlers wear down--somehow the timing is off--but Tristan and Brian are magnificent specimens, and the grunt'n'groan stuff works for me.

Video by Mathieu Beaury.


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