My Favorite Posts of 2016

At least, it was a pretty good year for wrestling. The list below features 100 posts on 103 matches that made me want to wrestle (my one and only criterion for inclusion in this retrospective). You can't get more subjective than that. For me, as a fan and blogger, these matches (new and old) were the most inspirational.

Flash LaCash vs Van Skyler

JT LaMotta vs Ryan Sorensen (XCW Wrestling)
25 January

Brad Armstrong vs Dale Veasey (Georgia Championship Wrestling)
26 January

Damian Dunne vs Drew Parker (Shropshire Wrestling Alliance)
27 January

Justin Gabriel vs Cody Rhodes (WWE)
29 January

Dave Markus vs Ivan Karamazoff (Movimus)
30 January

Antonio Inoki vs Jack Brisco (Japan Wrestling Association)
31 January

Will Ospreay vs James McPhail (TNA)
2 February

Corey Hollis vs Shaun Tempers (NWA Chattanooga)
8 February

Axel vs Derrick Cole (UCW)
9 February

Flash LaCash vs Van Skyler (BG East)
10 February

Dave Markus vs Ivan Karamazoff

Ricky Starks vs Sammy Guevara (Inspire Pro Championship)
12 February

Asskickin4u vs LS Powerhouse (Rec Pro Wrestling)
13 February

Jake Jenkins vs MJ Vergara (BG East)
14 February

Lino Di Santo vs Horst Hoffman
15 February

Ace Perry vs Hakim Zane (White River Wrestling)
21 February

Guido Genatto vs Dolph Danner (BG East)
23 February

Krush vs Stan Torum (Krushco)
26 February

Ace Perry vs Cole Radrick (Emerge Wrestling)
1 March

Jonny Firestorm vs Nick Naughton (BG East)
2 March

Dave Markus vs Tito Marones (Movimus)
6 March

Krush vs Gaz

Johnny the Bull vs Race Steele (Heartland Wrestling Association)
9 March

Lio Rush vs John Silver (Beyond Wrestling)
11 March

Steven Walters vs Billy Brash (Premiere Wrestling Xperience)
17 March

Krush vs Gaz (Krushco)
26 March

Jessy Sorensen vs Joey Ryan (Paragon Pro Wrestling)
29 March

Ian McGregor vs Richie Brooks (World of Sport)
31 March

Tyson the Hammer vs Kenny Star (UCW)
2 April

Matt XStatic vs Marc Anthony (All Star Wrestling)
5 April

Dave Markus vs Dario Espinosa (Movimus)
9 April

Billy Santoro vs Jessie Colter (Naked Kombat)
10 April

Doug Acre vs Landon Conrad

Derrick Cole vs Max Ryder (UCW)
20 April

Leo Sun vs Steve Mason (Movimus)
24 April

Doug Acre vs Landon Conrad (Naked Kombat)
30 April

Alex Waters vs Chad Daniels (Rock Hard Wrestling)
6 May

Chris Ridgeway vs CJ Banks (Just Do Wrestling)
11 May

JT Dunn vs Jesse Vane (Beyond Wrestling)
13 May

Jonah Marx vs Brandon Blake (Naked Kombat)
16 May

Zack Johnathan vs Austin Cooper (Rock Hard Wrestling)
20 May

Jerry Lynn vs Terry Daniels (World Championship Wrestling)
26 May

Danny Duggan vs Thomas Walton III (Elite Wrestling Initiative)
31 May

Frey vs Jake Jenkins

Stan Torum vs Krush (Krushco)
1 June

Minoru Suzuki vs KENTA (Pro Wrestling NOAH)
9 June

Marco vs Steel (Thunder's Arena)
11 June

Ken Doane vs Brent Albright (Ohio Valley Wrestling)
14 June

Frey vs Scrappy (Thunder's Arena)
26 June

Krush vs Gaz (Krushco)
30 June

Frey vs Jake Jenkins (Thunder's Arena)
2 July

Jake Jenkins vs Steel (Thunder's Arena)
7 July

Jesse Vane vs Stockade (Beyond Wrestling)
10 July

Scissorboy Alex vs Tomas (Fightroom)
11 July

Tomas vs Josh

Bryen Douglas vs Papa Dingo (Mid Ohio Wrestling)
12 July

Tomas vs Josh and Cody vs Josh and Aaron vs Matt and Scissorboy Alex vs Matt (Fightroom)
13 July

Ivan Gromov vs Vladimir Kulakov vs Alexei Schukin (IWF Russia)
25 July

Ben vs Aaron (Nicky's World and Web)
28 July

Steel vs Chase (Thunder's Arena)
30 July

Beast vs Billy the Kid (Thunder's Arena)
2 August

John Silver vs Keith Lee (Beyond Wrestling)
3 August

Eli Black vs Quinn Harper vs Derrick Cole (UCW)
6 August

Josh vs Scissorboy Alex (Fightroom)
7 August

Shane Haste vs Daisuke Sekimoto (Pro Wrestling NOAH)
10 August

Josh vs Scissorboy Alex

Krush vs Donald Jay (Krushco)
11 August

Axel vs Eli Black (UCW)
12 August

Jesse Sorensen and Wes Brisco vs Caleb Konley and Drew Donovan (Paragon Pro Wrestling)
13 August

Talon vs Beast (Thunder's Arena)
20 August

Ace Perry vs MV Young (Vicious Outcast Wrestling)
2 September

Chris Andrews vs Chris Masters (Pro Wrestling Pride)
7 September

Buzz Sawyer vs Tommy Rich (World Championship Wrestling)
14 September

Alex Reynolds and John Silver vs Tony Nese and Jesse Vane (New York Wrestling Connection)
16 September

Shane McCall vs Rob Mullen (BG East)
18 September

Chase Michaels vs Axel (UCW)
19 September

Chase Michaels vs Axel

James Riley vs Caleb Konley (Paragon Pro Wrestling)
28 September

Bob Orton vs Hans Schmidt (Chicago Wrestling)
3 October

Tristan Archer vs Peter Fischer (Fédération Française de Catch Professionnel)
5 October

Jimmy Snuka vs Kevin Von Erich (Georgia Championship Wrestling)
10 October

Derrick Cole vs Chase Michaels (UCW)
17 October

Hans Schmidt vs Verne Gagne (Chicago Wrestling)
20 October

Duke Russo vs Dave Markus (Movimus)
21 October

Jesse Adler vs Colby Corino (CWF Mid-Atlantic Wrestling)
22 October

Dezmond Xavier vs Daniel Winchester (Rockstar Pro Wrestling)
24 October

Jeetu Pahalwan vs Aabid Pahalwan
30 October

Duke Russo vs Dave Markus

Krush vs Stan Torum (Krushco)
3 November

Lou Thesz vs Buddy Rogers (Chicago Wrestling)
4 November

Dolf vs Marco (Thunder's Arena)
14 November

Scissorboy Alex vs Justin (Fightroom)
17 November

Colby Corino vs Jefferson Early (Vanguard Championship Wrestling)
21 November

Duke Russo vs Shon Tracy (Movimus)
22 November

Johnny Mundo vs Garza Jr. (Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide)
23 November

Austin Tyler vs Quinn Harper (UCW)
27 November

BRAM vs Doug Williams vs Chris Andrews vs John Harding vs James Baker vs Eddie Ryan (Pro Wrestling Pride)
28 November

Jeetu Pahalwan vs Akash Yadav Pahalwan
30 November

Van Skyler vs Payton Meadows

Krush vs John Henry (Krushco)
2 December

Falcon vs JJ (LDN Wrestling)
3 December

Dean Bly vs John Watson (NHB-Battle / Movimus)
6 December

Van Skyler vs Payton Meadows (BG East)
9 December

Antonino Rocca vs Karl Von Hess (NWA Chicago)
11 December

Rick Gillette vs Maxx Danno (BG East)
12 December

Dario Espinosa vs Ray Mousi (Movimus)
13 December

Jake Jenkins vs Brad Barnes (BG East)
14 December

Buddy Rogers vs Pat O'Connor (NWA Chicago)
19 December

Jeetu Pahalwan vs Ashish Pahalwan
30 December


  1. Great list, Joe and pleased to see Will Ospreay make it on as well as some links to the classic era. What we would all do for a modern version of the Von Erichs. And of course relating back to one of your recent posts, yet more acknowledgment for the legend that is Jake Jenkins.

    But on the subject of another of your recent posts regarding the preference of gay fans for the wrestler as young Adonis.... Wot no Scrappy?

    But seriously, thanks for coming back and offering us the benefit of your knowledge and experience.

    All the best for 2017.



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