Rick McGraw vs Johnny Rodz, WWF Championship Wrestling, 30 January 1982 (WWF)

I immediately liked McGraw when he wrestled on Florida TV in the late 1970s. What I liked most was his ability to deliver and take a hard bump. At 5'7", 235#, he was built like a cross between a Wham-O Super Ball and Mighty Mouse, whose cartoon fights with gangland cats first taught my prepubescent dick to dance. During his brief life in the squared circle (he died at age 30 in 1985) he seemed indestructible, an ideal playmate for roughhouse fun. Now I see that a great deal of this illusion was achieved through his crisp, choppy throws and falls, which often resemble fast-motion camerawork, as illustrated in a few of the GIFs above. And, to give credit where credit is due, Rodz is synchronized with each of McGraw's moves, selling the hell out of each one. The match begins at the 28:00 mark.


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