Kid Vicious vs Rob Mullen, Philly Fights (BG East)

At BG East what are the chances of a guy in a red-white-and-blue singlet against a guy who enters the fight space in a leather jacket? The chances veer towards zero when the leather guy is Kid Vicious, the company's premier skinhead sadist. Vicious is the name and vicious is the game. Within five minutes muscly, pouty Rob is effectively a goner, though reluctant to concede. Before we hit the 06:00 mark, Vicious has submitted the man.

Then something surprising and wonderful happens. Coming out of the first fall, Rob strikes back with force, punching and repaying the Kid humiliation for humiliation. This payback sequence, rare in Kid Vicious matches, turns me so very on I cannot sit still. Rob squeezes the V-ster's head between his thighs, rolls over so that his crotch and KV's nose are on the mat, and starts rhythmically thrusting downward, banging Vicious's face to the floor. Sweet! A minute later, a double (69) headscissors has both wrestlers writhing and moaning. Rob escapes and tightens up his end of the hold. Vicious gives up, evening the score in the second fall.

Confidently Rob rolls the top of his singlet down to his waist, giving his hairy chest some air and striking tough-guy poses in the mirror. It's no surprise what happens next. Vicious attacks from behind and snaps Mullen into a full nelson, following up with knee jabs to the lower back and punches to the pecs, and ending with a frot-ulating three-count pin. Vicious strips the singlet off Rob's body, leaving the guy his thong.

If anything, this 1997 video proves that hot erotic wrestling can (and should) be nonetheless a competitive wrestling match. The match's second half offers the same quality back-and-forth tussle as the first, providing both the fiendishness and the payback I need. Eventually, the two strip each other buck naked. But the wrestling doesn't let up. Both men are strongly aggressive and unrelenting in their quest for control. The final nine minutes (out of 35) belong to KV, and though the post-match activities are left to the imagination, my imagination is up to the challenge of filling in the details.

Sorry about the censorship. You'll have to go to The Arena @BG East for the works. For the record, both men naked is greatness.


  1. would like to see rob get the drop on kv. great commentary. will check this one out.


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