Fellow Feeling

Nero Angelo vs Skip Vance, Match 511, Strip Match #3 (UCW)

What else would you expect when UCW's two raunchiest wrestlers vie to out-lewd each other on the wrestling mat? While remaining within the boundaries of an "R" rating, Nero and Skip explore new frontiers (with an emphasis on front). In Match 511, they raise, however fleetingly, the company's former cap on skin on view. Fans of either wrestler cannot afford to miss this historic clash.

Nero is out for revenge after Skip turned tables on him in Match 443. To kill "two birds with one stone," Nero vows to strip every stitch of clothing off his beaming blond opponent in this, UCW's third*, and most explicit, strip match.  Nero, probably the touchiest-feeliest wrestler in all wrestling, can't possibly know what all's in store for him along the way, but it's safe to say that both his birds are roadkill at the end of this cocky 29-minute brawl.

* Fifth by my count: 322, 352, 369, 404, and now 511.


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