Force and Friction

Beast vs Steel, Ring Wars 30 (Thunder's Arena)

On Friday afternoon, Thunder's Arena circulated a preview of Ring Wars 30 among us bloggers of a certain bent, and it's the real deal with quivering muscle, sneak attacks, rope abuse, outside interference, and an illegal foreign object to boot. Mighty Steel impresses. His ring skills are superb, in balance against Beast's pro experience and natural pugnacity. I wasn't expecting the two wrestlers to be this well matched and this keen on getting their mitts on each other.

Steel comes on strong from the start, convincing Beast, in the hardest way possible, that he means business. Anybody expecting Steel to job for the tough-as-nails pro is in for a surprise, and in this all-out war nothing but his haircut and salt-of-the-earth good looks is "babyface" about him. Taken off guard, Beast looks like a goner at first, but he's anything but. Once he gets his bearings and comes back at Steel huffing and puffing, he is every bit the blitzkrieg he appears to be and has proved himself to be in past matches. He's like every Sergio Leone western you've ever seen strapped to a rocket that's aimed at your balls!

I came thisclose to giving up the ending to this match, but a spoiler would be a disservice to fans of wrestling as storytelling. Beast and Steel are so closely matched that only a fool would wager on one against the other. Complicating matters, a third figure lurks in the shadows, waiting to pounce and clutching a weapon. It's unlikely either of the men in the ring needs (or wants) his help, but out of nowhere he strikes--and in a match that's already anybody's guess what the outcome will be, his presence introduces a new level of chaos--a chaos that's going to be somebody's job to clean up, and indeed somebody does. And how!


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