Alex Porteau vs Calvin Knapp, GWF SUPERCARD, 2 October 1992, Dallas (Global Wrestling Federation)

I won't pretend this match is anything but what it is: a non-title mid-card match that does nothing to advance a storyline. Porteau and Knapp fought each other for three months in '92, evidently with the same results, except for a Christmas Day match that reversed winner and loser. There's not much by way of holds, but it does concentrate a lot of attention on one hold I love: the armbar. Also, after wrestling, actual grappling, I mean, my favorite thing is powerhouses tossing each other around, and this match has plenty of that. "Hardbody" Calvin (in light blue and white) is the optimistic new guy, and Porteau (in dark blue) is the cruiserweight champ. I was drawn to the match because of Calvin, but on the whole I am more fascinated with Alex. Pettiness and egocentrism define his style of villainy, and his soft musculature (muscle and fat divvying the curves of his body between them) strikes me as right for pro wrestling. The full 10-minute match can be seen, beginning at the 18:30 mark, at the link above.


  1. I remember that fed. They would have "Chaz" and "Steve Dane" wrestling in trunks that got smaller and tighter as time went by to the point where they would have embarrassed male strippers watching at home.


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