WARNING: Nudity, sexual conduct, fun.

Jessie Colter and Brock Avery vs Billy Santoro and Seth Santoro, 7 May 2014 (Naked Kombat)

How gay is gay wrestling? Many online promotions I'd call gay shy away from labels, sometimes arguing that many of their customers are female. I don't doubt it, but that's beside the point. Several of my lesbian friends love gay male porn, which doesn't make the porn any less gay. I, too, dislike labels, but I am what people typically call gay and accept the fact.

Among the promotions that proclaim their gayness, significant variations exist. Some are more gay than wrestling, others more wrestling than gay. Yet others, like PWP, exist in a dreamy landscape of male dancers posing as wrestlers and also steering clear of anything overtly homosexual.

The company that most perfectly matches my ideal of "gay wrestling" is Naked Kombat, which wears its kink on its sleeve and in the name of its website. The strictly refereed man-on-man rape fantasies provide both highly competitive mat grappling and hot hairy-balled fucking. The formula is perfect as far as I'm concerned except it's one flaw is that, after a while, the matches seem, well, formulaic. Still, no other company has the wrestling : fucking ratio this right.

A perfect example of this model is a 2014 live event in which the blue team of Jessie Cutler and Brock Avery take on the Santoro husbands, Billy and Seth. The live audience is noisy and horny as nineteen-year-olds on spring break. The attitude-free wrestlers seem to be enjoying themselves, playing to the crowd at times but mostly committed to competition.  The event proceeds through NK's usual four "rounds" (trunks, jockstraps, naked, and sex). The first two rounds mainly focus on the denuding of the opponents. The "sex round" is not wrestling at all, but the victors' reward and the losers' penalty. In this particular video, even the ref gets in on the act, peeling off his zebra stripes and joining the carnival atmosphere.


  1. To my knowledge, there's only ever been two wrestle'n'fuck sites: NK and Wrestlehard (no longer producing new content). I've not yet seen more than clips of either, though I have some WH DVDs on my wishlist.

  2. Yeah, I wish there were more wrestling sites for naked grappling and ass-fucking action. That's the whole point of wrestling - naked aggression, domination, and supremacy of the dominant alpha muscle stud. Loser pays up by getting fucked hard and raw.


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