Let's Rumble

Krush vs Gaz, Private Punch Down 2 (Krushco)

Krushco opens 2017 with a heated 38-minute rematch between Krush and handsome Czech hřebec Gaz. The two engage in sweaty clenches and body jabs, with smatterings of chokes, nipple twists, and crotch-butting. There's no leering or coyness in the fight's erotic insinuations. Often the bodies are so compressed that the grapplers can barely move, producing the kind of rough and churning male-male intimacy that preoccupies me 7,200 times a day.

If the online description can be trusted, this is "one of Krush's favorite fights to date." If that's accurate, he's not alone. This absolutely is my favorite Krushco match. I like the way Krush keeps putting his hand over Gaz's mouth, especially on several occasions when he's gut-punching him with his free hand. The gesture operates as a kind of silencer, to be sure, but it is an exquisitely sensual gesture, too. (Note the third screen shot above.) This is frottage that sometimes verges on art. Gaz is, hands down, my favorite among all the fine opponents Krush has faced over the years. The impossibility of squeezing my body into this action is frustrating.

As for technical aspects, the camera is all but stationary. At first I thought it was parked on a tripod or a low-lying table, but eventually I could see that it was subtly shifting to follow the action. I would like some tight close-ups, but I am so entirely satisfied with PPD2 that I won't quibble over the small stuff. If you're a pro-ring-only sort of fan or if you like your m4m eroticism cute, I doubt there's anything here for you. But if you like men who are rugged yet not skittish about bumping private parts and fights that smolder and crackle, you likely will take to this match as I do.


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