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Bryen Douglas vs Marion Fontaine, SuperBrawl III (NWA Midwest Championship Wrestling)

About a third of the way through this match from last February, the ringside commentator quotes Marion Fontaine telling him "when he faces guys like Bryen that he likes to be more of the aggressor; in fact, he said he can almost become a bully, so to speak. It's like he goes into a different state of mind."

If by "guys like Bryen" he meant hot young guys, full of piss and vinegar, whose trunks artfully ride up their butt cheeks from time to time, I get where Fontaine is coming from. I too would like to get my hands on Douglas--the "Real Man" he calls himself. I am also enthusiastic about Fontaine's meticulous working of this hotshot's body, as evident in the GIFs above. This is heelery at its best, and Bryen's passionate selling of the beatdown that comprises well over half of this battle is exhilarating all on its own.

Unlike many other gay wrestling fans I know, for me the destruction of a beautiful young hunk is not complete without a thrilling retaliation, with the sadistic bad guy getting the comeuppance he's practically been begging for by stepping over the line time after time--stooping to any nasty tactic at his disposal to win the match or simply to dismantle the cocky Adonis piece by divine piece.

Such a retribution does in fact draw this match to its close, after sporadic hope spots (like the comic mustache-yanking) seem to make matters only worse for young Bryen. In the hyper-dramatic pinfall, Douglas flings his head back, thrusting his chest up to Fontaine's kneecap. It is a heroic pose worthy of Michelangelo.

Thanks to James for the link to this match.


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