Hot and Heavy

Kaden Alexander vs Grayson Frost, 10 February 2017 (Naked Kombat)

My Naked Kombat subscription expires this month. I will eventually get around to renewing, but I'm letting it slip for now since too big a chunk of my last two paychecks went to the ACLU and other democratic organizations fighting American fascism, and there's not enough left over for fun fights, damn it. Though it is repetitious and not as prolific as it was a few years ago, Naked Kombat nevertheless produces some of the most aggressive and passionate matches I have seen anywhere. Its latest release is a case in point.

Kaden and Grayson are big boys with meat on their bones. When these bodies hit the mat, there is noise, agonized grunts and the smack of flesh and bone colliding. The first 19 minutes of the match is a real shoot, even though the athletes wear only jockstraps first, then nothing at all: these guys are off script and raring to dominate. The intensity of the bodily assaults and the determination of the combatants confirm my sense of wrestling, including erotic wrestling, as "majestic, marvelous, [and] transcendent," instead of tongue-in-cheek or light. The last 17 minutes (the "sex round") is, for all intents and purposes, redundant. After grappling this physical and pugnacious, I have already climaxed before the run-of-the-mill fucking begins.

This is Kaden's second turn at the NK mats. Kaden, 6', 183#, wears the blue ankle band. He lost his first match, but not for lack of gumption or heart. Grayson, 6'1", 195#, in the red band, is a newcomer with mostly a swimming background. Neither wrestler is proficient at standard wrestling holds, much less the show-offy ones. They may wrestle the way regular guys wrestle in bedrooms, barracks, or backyards, but the interplay is vigorous and rough. They mean business, and they seem to lose themselves in the rough-and-tumble, so committed are they at delivering their best fight. Naked Kombat uses a point system, and the count is close between these two all the way to the end, when one barely edges out the other as the victor. This is wrestling the way I like it.


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