Housebreaking Your Punk

Jason Kincaid vs Colby Corino, Premier of Honor, Premier Wrestling Federation

Housebreaking your new wrestling punk takes more than newspapers and doggie treats. Your punk is a pedigree, so he will more than likely be two hands full until properly trained. As soon as you step in the ring with him, he's going to strut around, acting like he owns the place. That's natural. All punks think they're hot stuff at first. Let him explore, but eventually you will have to show him who's the boss. It's not unusual for your new punk to try and test his limits with you, and that's perfectly normal. This is also your opportunity to get acquainted with his patterns of behavior, attentively waiting for that moment he steps over the line. But as soon as he crosses that line, make sure you're right there and on top of the situation, and tear the little bastard a brand new asshole. 


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