Lubber Boys

Jeff Husker vs Johnny Kidd, 29 February 1992, Clover, SC (South Atlantic Pro Wrestling)

I will admit it: I find something weirdly compelling about this match, either despite or because of the cumbersome grappling. I have never come across either wrestler before, so my immediate and unkind impression is that they had careers that can be numbered in days, not years. Whether because of the dueling rattails angle or Kidd's jutting white belly, I can't pull my eyes away. Oaf-vs-Oaf tottering and blundering may be a legit subset of my wrestling kink. I won't even pretend I don't love these guys. I even wish I were Husker, kind of, just for the corporeal pleasures of pulling, yanking, and bumping Kidd, a big-as-life Stretch Armstrong toy. Whatever failings they had in ring psychology, they had fantastic names.


  1. Jeff Husker apparently wrestled fo SAPW alone, but I can't find any comprehensive summary of his career. Johnny Kidd aka Captain America mostly was with SAPW. He had 10 or 11 matches, 1 win.


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