Nobody Sleeps with My Girlfriend

Marco vs Blayne, Custom Video Series 47 (Thunder's Arena)

In its theatrical backdrop, the black jacket, the 50's haircuts, and the naïve justification for two ostensible heterosexuals to tussle in tiny trunks (fighting over a--never seen--girlfriend), Thunder's Arena's CVS 47 pays homage to the Athletic Model Guild ... intentionally, I hope. Founded in 1945, AMG produced glossy stills, magazines, and 8mm films of muscular young men posing and wrestling, often in poor man's versions of Hollywood genres like the western, Roman epic, and ripped-from-the-headlines melodrama about switchblade-wielding juvies. This was back in the days when being gay was a crime or, for more tolerant Americans, a mental illness. Of all the underground promotions on the internet now, the Arena best retains the spirit of those tentative explorations of male sensuality--and it's a joy for me to see what appears to be a hat tip to Bob Mizer and company.

Of course, the line "Nobody sleeps with my girlfriend," spoken in extreme close-up right into the camera lens, is a double entendre, omitting the assumed prepositional phrase "except me." Squeezing and twisting Blayne's junk is not only just punishment for messing around with Marco's woman, but also a way to get acquainted with Blayne's privates for the sheer fun of it. Marco and Blayne look terrific, though frankly I miss the hair on Blayne's chest and jawline. The fight is flawless: I would expect nothing less with Marco in charge. Blayne plays the beautiful victim once again (I hope the pussy was worth the pain and humiliation here), and though I'm curious to see Blayne win a match, I get a kick out of seeing Marco (never more voluptuous) owning him over and over again for 21 uninterrupted minutes.


  1. Damn hot match. I'd like to wrestle either one of these guys on the mats. Marco would be an awesome fight opponent.

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