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Raptor vs Marco, Battlespace 93 (Thunder's Arena)

This weekend Thunder's Arena introduces big 'n' beefy babyface Raptor in two new releases, the first against company favorite Marco. Raptor is a great looking wrestler, with an open, disarmingly boyish smile and a bouncer's imposing physique. And based on this 21-minute dustup, in which he and Marco battle neck and neck to a knockout finish, he can play with the best of them on the mat.

One complaint, though. Thunder's needs to invest in some professional lighting. I mean, seriously, dudes. This garage duel, a fine one in almost every other respect, looks like it was lit by dashboard. I've tweaked the screen grabs above for light and contrast, and though the match is worth the inconvenience, it needs better lighting for the clarity and color we are used to seeing in the Arena's living-room and poolside battles.

That said, it's a fine fight. Marco is as able and self-assured as always, but the pow Raptor brings in his debut has to have taken him by surprise. Raptor commands attention. His sturdy build and toughness are assets that serve him well in competition against Marco, one of the best technical wrestlers on the Arena roster, if not the best. I imagine Raptor taking to the squared circle soon to face guys like Beast and Talon (please, let it be so). Launching him against Marco is inspired. This beginning promises better (and brighter, I mean, seriously) things ahead.


  1. enjoyed this match! marco is in peak form. confident and in control. he mocks raptor calling him fluffy. cupcake. ha ha. raptor has about 40 lbs on marco but inexperienced and seemingly intimidated by the more experienced wrestler.. one of my favorite scenarios is an experienced technical wrestler vs a bigger less experienced opponent. this did not disappoint. marco's technical skills allow him to dominate the inexperienced new comer but raptor manages to use his power to subdue marco midway through the match taunting him you are in peak form and i'm out of shape and a new comer. he got marco's attention. good give and take!

  2. I agree with you about the lighting, and they also need to hire a new cameraman or camera, because almost every video has sections of camera shake making the video almost annoying to watch.

  3. I gotta say you caught us. We had a filter active on the camera during the filming of this match, nobody caught it until we were done filming which is why it looks so dark.

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