Raptor vs Blayne, Battlespace 94 (Thunder's Arena)

Thunder's Arena gives new hire Raptor a strong push by releasing two fine matches this weekend, against superstar Marco and a newer personal favorite of mine, Blayne. Raptor is far more confident in this match, showing off not only his mat wrestling skills but also his highly likeable personality against an adversary a bit more devious than I had previously suspected.

Not that Blayne's questionable scruples dissuade me from liking the guy. I'm reasonably sure that for the foreseeable future I'm up for almost anything Blayne-related so long as he keeps the scruff on his jawline and the hair on his chest and thighs. Some over-cockiness and eye-gouging don't hurt his image one bit, as far as I'm concerned. He's certainly at a disadvantage here, given Raptor's size and muscle, so some cutting of corners can perhaps be forgiven.

As mentioned, Raptor makes a better showing here than in his previous bout with Marco--and he was damn impressive against Marco. Like one of his predecessors at the Arena, Dominic, Raptor is both tough and winsome. It's hard not to be drawn to this guy at first sight. He's an amiable guy all right, but he also takes no shit from his opponents. It's a reasonable guess that Blayne is going to pay twofold for any trouble he stirs up in this match. Unlike me, Raptor is not charmed by Blayne or forgiving of his antics.

The 20-minute battle is well paced and full of the give and take I look for in wrestling matches. It's a bit of a stretch to think that Raptor can't make shorter work of Blayne than he does, but it becomes more plausible given Blayne's readiness to fight dirty. The ultimate submission is nicely embellished with some hair-pulling and pec tweaking, made to order for me and my fellow kinksters.


  1. with one match at thunder's arena under his belt, from the shots posted here, raptor looks more confident in this match. this will give him more of an edge as if he needs one. his guns are amazing. this match definitely appeals to my wrestling kink fantasy.


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