Thompson vs Emory

Curtis Thompson vs Bob Emory, WCW Saturday Night, 31 December 1988 (NWA World Championship Wrestling)

Almost four years ago, I blogged on this match, piggybacking on Inner Jobber's comments on "Beautiful Bob" Emory the previous day. At the moment I can't add much to what has already been said about Emory, but I can put Emory (in black trunks) vs Thompson (in red) in motion with some GIFs that may interest fans of both wrestlers, other than just Stay Puft and me. Looking back, I see Emory was not impeccable in his segues, but he does offer an invigorating flash of lifelike wrestling (in the fourth GIF above). In his last recorded match, in 1991, Emory faced Thompson again in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. Again, he lost.


  1. Tough muscle bull studs locking it up in the ring.

  2. I remember a YouTube video where Bob Emory actually had a promo interview at the beginning and the end, like "Garbo speaks!" but it was the most handsome famous jobber of all time, our Bob! "Bob Emory vs Larry Cameron". The video is still there but for me this evening it won't play correctly. Poor Emory, he never could win


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