Scott Colton vs Ronny Metro, PPW Taping 124, 30 December 2016 (Premier Pro Wrestling)

This is the PPW Challenge Pro Cup Tournament final match, the one for the championship,  with the top two competitors facing off in the ring. I wouldn't call this match perfect--too choreographed, too clowny at times--but it has an element of perfection. I've written before about how much I like matches between well matched but also strongly contrasting character types. (Truth be told, I also like matches between two guys you can barely tell apart. It's the anemic in-between I'm less fond of.)

Colton, nicknamed "The Human Video Game," is the cute boy next door in a singlet. The guy's straight-edge through and through, with a touch of the Disney Channel about him, yet a tough fighter in the ring. Metro, ex PPW heavyweight champion, is everything Colton's not. He's a muscle lout in makeup and a Catholic girl's school uniform. Metro is big and nasty, prone to rage, sneak attacks, and sadism. Colton is technical to the bone.

Colton's unassuming manliness versus Metro's campy genderfuck touches on my basic inner conflict, the one played out in most of my wrestling fantasies, being my attraction to the two incompatible opposites of old-school butch masculinity and male sensitivity and passivity. The attraction is complicated here (the way I like attraction to be) by Colton's youthful male prettiness and Metro's poorly disguised virility.


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