Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentine to Jim in Nashville

Katsuyori Shibata vs Matt Riddle, RPW High Stakes 2017 (Revolution Pro Wrestling)

This RevPro championship match was fought on January 21st in London. Shibata (37, 6', 209#) is the champion, and Riddle (31, 6'1", 209#) is the challenger. The fight capped off a full show featuring dynamite talents like Zack Sabre Jr., Jay White, and Trevor Lee. Wow! According to my calendar, while this match was happening, I was probably busy shuffling through short papers my students had written the week before and feeling sick over the inauguration the previous day. For that I missed this? I would have wanted front row seats even if Riddle and Shibata had been the only wrestlers to watch that night. I have seen only the highlights of this fight (linked above), but I love the energy--and what a wild man Riddle is!

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  1. Matthew Riddle is super sexy, and for several reasons. First, he is simultaneously ripped yet beefy, a hard physique-type to achieve. Second, he is the rare bird to make long hair work for him. Third, he sweats buckets during his matches. Fourth, he has genuine wrestling skills, with an amateur and UFC background. Fifth, he wrestles barefoot (and he has nice feet). And last, as you noted Joe, he is really something of a wild man. His Beyond Wrestling matches, especially against John Silver, Tommaso Ciampa and Chris Dickinson are spectacular.



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