Ady vs Josh (Crazy Ninja)

A battle between two adversaries I equally like provides me with a special kind of rush. At once I'm wanting both of them to win and both of them to lose. I feel fear and exhilaration at the same moment. It's like I've got ants in the pants. Josh and Ady attract me in the only ways that matter: fuckability and fightability.  That they are smart mat strategists adds to the thrill. That they go after each other full tilt, with the intent to destroy, makes the excitement almost too much to bear.

"I've got to kick your arse," Ady says matter-of-factly upon entering the fight room. "Why?" Josh asks. "I've got to, mate": Ady's tone is almost apologetic, but not quite, more offhanded the way one excuses oneself from a conversation by saying, "I've got to run." Ady's cockiness alone knocks me for a loop. In half a second, he's all over Josh, wrapping him up the way a spider does a fly. But Josh is no fly. He rebounds fast, and we're off on a 31-minute ride full of nasty bumps and snaky twists, give and take the whole way.

Like the Crazy Ninja vid I reviewed on Friday, the soundtrack is strong on heavy breathing, moans, and the grunts of bodies hitting the floor. The small space amplifies the right noises. The available light is better for this match, but the overall resolution is low enough to give the fight the punch and grittiness of amateur porn, balancing somewhere between C-SPAN live streaming and a 3 a.m. bedroom chat on Skype. I might rather see Josh's haunches in a better light, but the video makes up for it by making me feel a little dirty for watching it. Trust me, it's a good feeling, and I can think of no better way to spend $12.50.


  1. I've been a fan of Ady for years. You have to check out Spotland Scrappers where he is the team captain. And his mud match with Cameron Mathews on Camerons site (wrestler4hire) is one of my all time favourites and very hot. Ady is noticeably enjoying it too at one stage

  2. Ady's hair defies common sense. Mullets look awful. They should never exist. But on him it somehow works. He is a sexy fellow, as of course is Josh. I love when you come upon wrestlers that just seem to make it sexy and appealing, regardless of opponent, style or venue. Both Josh & Ady do that. I hope they have long futures ahead of them.

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