Chris Tyler

Chris Tyler vs Stixx, Good One, 29 January 2016 (Good Wrestling)

Chris Tyler looks great. I'd pay to watch him simply doing jumping jacks. This match is stiff and self-conscious at times, and Tyler's playing the heel role for laughs costs him some points in my book. Still, I am a notoriously easy mark for strapping young lads who wrestle.

To be fair, the match offers other pleasures than youth and beauty: the capable Stixx chasing the cowardly Tyler around the ring is one. Another is Tyler's suggestive corner punch (see the fourth GIF above). Also, the more Tyler riles Stixx up, the more interesting the contest becomes, mostly because I anticipate a glorious comeuppance in the end. (It does not pan out, however.) Stixx does a fine job of selling the overall storyline and most of the individual moves--and Chris possesses charisma beyond just his clean-cut good looks. Still, I can't yet get my head around Tyler as a heel.


Stills by Brett Hadley


  1. Want to wrestle either muscle stud in the ring. Chris Tyler or Stixx would be an awesome opponent.


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