Eagle vs Blayne, Ring Wars 34 (Thunder's Arena)

Ring Wars 34 destroys every other wrestling match I've ever loved. Yes, I think that highly of it. After Big Sexy left Thunder's Arena back whenever it was he left it, there was a hole in my heart where his mischievous smile and his pink and green trunks used to be. Marco soon filled that hole, and if anything, the company has never been better. Yet the Arena didn't stop there, but continued drawing some of the most fantastic bodybuilders cum wrestlers to be found anywhere, then taking the show to the traditional wrestling ring and the gleaming rooftops of Las Vegas. I haven't followed everything the company has put out--it puts out so very much and, frankly, at so high a price, it's impossible for me to keep up. But damn, RW34 has more happening in any two of its twenty minutes than most other matches have in their entirety.

Eagle and Blayne are two of my favorite recent hires--but there have been many--and putting them together in the ring brings both plausible and implausible results, given their relative sizes and physiques--but every result is a heart-stopper of one kind or other. There is zero padding in this video. No time is wasted. Every move is icepick sharp. Eagle, after a short but still too long absence, is more confident and goddamn hot than ever. And Blayne, always the mischief maker, shows dexterity in the ring and on the ropes I would have never guessed of him. Blayne both annoys and punishes his super-beast adversary with surprising frequency and success, but have no fear, Eagle dishes up comeuppance smorgasbord-style--not just once, but many times throughout the match--each retribution with a whole new flavor and escalating heat.


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