Dynamite in the Ring

Kid Dynamite vs Eagle, Ring Wars 37 (Thunder's Arena)

Thunder's Arena's latest find, Kid Dynamite (5'8", 210#), challenges Eagle (5'11", 200#) in the squared circle and proves that his muscle is not just for show. It's a closer fight than most newcomers can pull off, but the Kid, who seemingly divides his time between the free weights and the barber's chair, needs nobody to show him the ropes, so evidently he's spending some of his time on the mats as well. The promos tout him as a state Greco-Roman wrestling champion, and that's borne out by his magnificent performance here.  

Dynamite promises to be a goldmine for the company, which has been batting a thousand for the past year, year and a half, introducing the hottest new strongmen to be found in underground wrestling -- or let's just say wrestling, period. I am more than impressed. I am astounded by how often Thunder's discovers talents like this -- a dozen or so in just a couple of years. And Eagle -- incomparably beautiful and rugged as hell -- what a masterpiece is this guy! Those eyes, those thighs, those shoulders!

The great thing about a good give-and-take match like this one is that at various points my imagination is free to let my favorite win, even if he actually loses in the end. This 22-minute war gives both Eagle and Dynamite plenty of shining moments of total merciless mastery -- on the mat, against the corner ropes, and strung through the ropes. Both are cocky as fuck and really need to get cut down to size. In the end one of them gets a taste of cold hard reality, while the other reigns supreme -- for now, anyway. As expressive as the two battlers, the camera swoops in for tight close-ups of pain and triumph. Wrestling action like this keeps my heart pounding. It's a superb debut for Kid Dynamite and an essential chapter in Eagle's war saga.


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