Dynamite on the Mat

Beast vs Kid Dynamite, Mat Wars 75 (Thunder's Arena)

Kid Dynamite (5'8", 210#) follows up his ring debut on territory more familiar to the Greco-Roman wrestling champion: a mat. His recent experiences in the squared circle have apparently left a mark. In Mat Wars 75, he mixes some wrestling theater into his knowledge of holds and takedowns. He needs all the ammunition he can get, taking on hairy-chested Beast (5'8", 225#), who, as his name implies, is one tough customer. But then so is Dynamite.

I like how the camera angle in the third shot above gives the fans almost a Beast's-eye view of Dynamite's hold. More than his match against Eagle, this match shows off the rookie's dexterity and knowhow as a grappler. The stats indicate the wrestlers are equal in height, with Beast holding a 15-pound edge, yet somehow I went into this match imagining that Beast's physical advantage was much greater. Perhaps it's the chin scruff and chest hair that tilted the scales further for me. Dynamite's look is more sculpted, but Beast looks like a goddamn wrecking ball.

As in his debut, Kid Dynamite proves he is anything but a pushover. His beard may be meticulously trimmed, but he has the body and soul of a brute -- even more, a brute who's willing to pull some fast ones to improve his chances against an opponent as daunting as Beast is. This is a terrific match with Dynamite again exhibiting a high level of comfort in front of the camera and in the Arena. In fact, I'm impressed that all the newcomers at Thunder's over the past couple of years brim with confidence from their first moment on camera, without the deer-in-headlights look of the rookies of yesteryear.

Beast is a piece of work. I'm an avid fan of his look and style. He looks like one of the larger-than-life creations of Japanese illustrator Tagame Gengoroh. I associate Beast more with ring wrestling, but he is a splendid mat grappler too, as evident in the way he puts Dynamite through his paces here. His blunt but genial butchness won me over the first time I saw him in action, and this match is an especially sweet platform for bringing his macho appeal front and center. Ditto for the Kid.


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