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Andi vs Aaron (Crazy Ninja)

From the people who brought us Fightroom, comes Crazy Ninja, a UK web site for "fans of hot muscleboy  wrestling, male on male lift-and-carry and headscissor wrestling."  Right now the site has two videos for download with the promise of more to come. The price is right (US$12.50 for each 31-minute fight), and the company makes the most of its small space and natural light to create a high-testosterone atmosphere.

For a new startup, Crazy Ninja is right where it needs to be, not too polished, not too safe, rough in the sense of "potentially dangerous" and "raw." And to judge by this, the first of its matches I've watched, the wrestlers are hot and aggressive. I don't yet know Andi from Aaron, and for now I don't really need to tell them apart. Both are the hottest things I've seen in a while.

The bloke with the cross tattooed on his back and stars on his forearms and his cagey, impressively stacked opponent with the "you talkin' to me?" attitude present steady and tough competition for each other. It's a close to even give-and-take match throughout, played for the sheer brute fun of it and a congratulatory pat on the butt, not trophies or points. The nonstop huffing and puffing, sirens wailing outside, gets me off. They're skilled wrestlers, but just as important they're street-smart toughs looking to work up a hard sweat.

Thank-you to Stephen at Crazy Ninja for keeping Ringside at Skull Island in the loop on this new project and to Mikey, a pal to the blog, who tipped me off to Andi vs Aaron in particular.


  1. Speaking of Fightroom, i still can't believe they don't put those dad vs son matches online. The photos were amazing.

    1. Here's to hoping that the new site adds the back catalogue of fights at some point.

  2. I like what I can make out, but the lighting sucks!


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