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Kid Karisma vs Ethan Axel Andrews, Heel Bash 2 (BG East)

I would never have picked Ethan vs Kid K as a match I would want to see. I love contests between contrasting character types, but I feared two things in this matchup. I feared that Ethan's easy-goingness would dampen Karisma's fire--or, oppositely, I feared that Ethan would try to compensate for his natural calm and composure by attempting to play-act the stereotypical "tough guy," a role that, despite his resilience and skill as a grappler, has never suited him. I was wrong, though.

Ethan vs Kid K is a rugged, sweat-soaked battle between competent and strongly competitive fighters, with moments of unmatched brilliance, especially in the latter half, that draw on the very clash in temperaments I had been worried about. Both bring to the BGE ring a background in mixed martial arts, and both know how to get down and dirty. "Dirty" is Karisma's natural habitat. So is "sweaty." And the sweat pours in this contest as Karisma and Ethan go the distance in this imperfect yet mostly awesome opener of Heel Bash 2.

Here's a taste, excerpted from the match's catalog description:

Kid K drags Ethan to his feet by a fistful of tousled hair and snap mares the upstart to the opposite side of the ring, not once, not twice, but three times. Then he takes a break for some sorely needed muscle poses, all the while flaunting his control over his adversary and demonstrating his prowess in the art of twisting an opponent into knots. More resourceful and pragmatic than some might give him credit for, Ethan escapes by grabbing Karisma by the balls and then, in one of those stop-you-dead-in-your-tracks turnabouts you see only at BG East, chokes him into a panicked submission.

By the way, did anybody else notice a familiar face in The Advocate's recent photo spread "What Is It About Rugby Players?"


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