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Krimson vs Bryen Douglas, Redemption, 17 September 2016 (NWA Midwest Championship Wrestling)

Thanks to Jim in West Virginia for the link to and photos of this match from late last summer, a rematch of Krimson and red-blooded challenger Bryen Douglas, who had unsuccessfully challenged Krimson three months earlier. Douglas is under the mistaken notion that he can take the big, face-painted heel this time, and I only wish that were true, for poor Bryen's sake.

It's a brutal match, with plenty of grunts and groans to keep me satisfied; my pal Jim had helpfully recommended, "If you listen with audio, some of Bryen's screams and cries of pain should be arousing." Yeah. To put it mildly. The video offers few close-ups, but Don Hill's crystal-clear action shots fill in some provocative details. It's rough and sweaty fun with the misfortunate light heavyweight getting twisted like a long balloon at a backyard birthday party.


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