Thornton vs Marsh

Case "CT" Thornton vs Jaden Marsh (Movimus)

Jaden has about twelve pounds and a low center of gravity in his favor, but can he take CT? I already knew that CT is a good wrestler, seldom defeated under any of his aliases, so I'm not surprised that Jaden finds it next to impossible to make much headway against him. I could also add that Jaden has the home turf advantage, if such a thing exists in the world of submission wrestling, Thornton being about eight states and three time zones west of his usual digs. 

CT's wiry but strong build serves him well in navigating around his opponent, but his impressive skillset is what gives him most of his edge. The guy's background in the mixed martial arts no doubt gives him stamina and speed, though he remains strictly within the usual bounds of grappling in this 20-minute two-fall battle. An accomplished wrestler himself, Jaden is sure he can handle CT, though being well acquainted with Thornton's previous matches,  I'm surprised anyone could seriously be that confident of a win against the guy.

Jaden puts up a good enough fight, but CT forces him to play defense the whole way. The online description of the match emphasizes that the wrestlers took no breaks during the match and grapple for the full time. (The video starts with about five minutes of stretches and warmups.) It's an exhausting struggle for both athletes. Jaden uses his strength and weight to fend off CT's relentless attacks. The strategy for both wrestlers appears to be to wear the other guy down and then move in for the proverbial kill.

At times the match resembles calf-roping as much as it does wrestling. Lean, determined Thornton wraps Jaden up in his long limbs but struggles to squeeze a submission out of the guy. Happily, the contest does not end in a draw, but a decisive win is a long time coming.


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