Bolt vs Slash, No Holds Barred 79 (Thunder's Arena)

I can easily imagine both Bolt and Slash in uniform--motorcycle cop, Marine, firefighter, any of those. Their ruggedness, their square jaws, their granite physiques, all suggest a career requiring heroic resolve and perhaps a right-wing authoritarian mindset also. I'm talking about roles I'd cast them in, not their actual occupations or temperaments.

Slash and Bolt look fantastic here. In action they look better than the screen captures suggest. It's a fairly easygoing, non-intense contest, very much in the frat-house-hijinks vein of a lot of Thunder's Arena products. Bolt is the bigmouth, and Slash is the strong silent type, good contrasting character types for any type of fight. And I'm happy they waste no time getting down to business.

There are no intricate wrestling holds, just a lot of body pressing body, body carrying body, body bending body, and body squeezing body. Wrestling doesn't get more basic than this, yet the basics are what get to me because they are what I attempted as an untrained wrestle-addict in my twenties. Previously these positions had suffused my earliest fantasies as a kid. And here performed by Bolt and Stash with some enthusiasm and maximal skin contact, they rock.


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