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Vinny vs Marco, No Holds Barred 80 (Thunder's Arena)

Vinny and Marco trade insults and chest bumps, building up to a fight, just the way boys used to do on playgrounds when I was a kid. Male aggression is part of boys' playtime and status climbing, beginning with King of the Mountain and ending in drunken back-alley brawls or on battlefields. Marco's fancy trunks and shorter stature get badmouthed, as do Vinny's unshaved legs and one-off stutter. The banter is incessant, one guy talking over the other. Yet the abuse is so inept it is almost incomprehensible. Even Marco's incredibly sculpted abs are scoffed (Vinny calls them "six dicks poking out of your stomach"--ah, memories of name-calling in seventh grade!) Insults transition to threats, equally oddball yet not at all alarming. If ever, as he does to Vinny here, Marco threatened me with ripping off his trunks and choking me with them, I'm pretty sure I'd instinctively fall on my back and present my neck).

It's just a theory, but I think I was drawn to wrestling because I grew up in times and places that excused body contact between males only if they were fighting. Naturally attracted to the soldiers I saw and envied on US airbases (where I lived for my first 15 years), I observed their behavior, their teasing, their roughhouse, even fleeting moments of undisguised affection in a virtually all-male environment. I was even more turned on when the fights were angry and real, which is how the idea of dominance became eroticized for me (or how I became aware of the eroticism already there). I was in my teens when pals suggested we fight each other "for fun." In no time, I was the one making the suggestion ... almost daily. In my twenties and thirties I wrestled my boyfriends and tricks, when they were up for it, finding my sexual interest wane every time a date refused me this favor.

From the maximum skin exposure of the tee-tiny trunks to the hands-on muscle worship, Thunder's Arena has long been a touch-friendly operation. Back in the Big Sexy days, I was struck with this fact and rather moved when Sexy granted PeeWee's request for a bear hug just for the feel of it. Rubbing, pinching, grasping, and bumping occupy roughly half of NHB80 along with highly tactile posing sessions and long, indulgent scissor holds and arm bars. The eroticism remains under the surface, to be sure, but this match has a hell of an undertow.

Vinny is big and a big talker, but I can't take my eyes off Marco. He has an expressive face that draws my attention. His quips are fresh and could be even devastating, I suspect, if he ever got truly riled up. And his body basically breaks my heart with its hard, smooth symmetry. Once the fight begins, Vinny dominates. He tosses Marco around like the proverbial ragdoll. But Marco is tough enough to take it. This is Thunder's usual getting-to-know-you match. Marco's terrific at this sort of thing, and Vinny quickly falls in step, playing up the bigmouth New Yorker stereotype. As usual, the wrestling is frequently paused for some posing and muscle inspection. The fight heats up in the last half as give and take accelerates and rougher tactics (arm bars, rear chokes, punches, backbreakers, and cock abuse) come into play. All in all, great fun, especially when Marco, who knows his audience, is in charge.


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