Feeling Out the New Guy

Case "CT" Thornton vs Davide Stefano (Movimus)

In these pages I have compared wrestling to dancing, fucking, playing chess, sculpting, meditating, and who knows what else. To my way of thinking it's an all-encompassing pastime, affecting body, spirit, mind, emotion, virility, and discipline. Submission wrestling, the reason for Movimus's being, strikes me as the most difficult form of the sport, most especially when both contestants are equal in drive and ability.

Italian wrestler Davide makes his first appearance for the company, taking on one of the best, CT, whose instincts and training are close to perfection. Davide comes with experience and, according to the company's site, a reputation for tenacity and power. Davide is also slightly taller and heavier than Case. Case, however, has the home advantage and a distinctively pain-driven approach to winning. Given his laidback style, he's surprisingly rough, and that roughness gives him a slight edge in this match. It catches the newcomer off-guard, but Davide quickly adapts his strategy to the situation.

It's a near-even match. Much of it consists of Stefano and Thornton getting familiar with each other's tactics and body. I find matches between two guys who already know each other usually more interesting, but there's something special about "first times," too. Both men have to be more alert and in-the-moment, I think. It takes longer to establish a rhythm. Because the action is impersonal, viewers must focus on the mechanics of the struggle, not personalities.

Davide is an exciting talent worth keeping an eye on, and this may be Thornton's most impressive match yet.


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